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Archive - Volume 3, Number 57 (2020)
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  • Review Article
  • Valsalva and modified valsalva maneuver
    Mehmet Ali Kobat, Mehdi Karasu
    J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 3(57):6-10 doi:10.23950/1812-2892-JCMK-00770
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  • Original Article
  • Correlation of arterial stiffness parameters with indicators of carotid atherosclerosis in patients with Metabolic Syndrome
    Saule Urazalina, Aisulu Mussagaliyeva, Guzеl Ussayeva, Amina Rakhisheva
    J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 3(57):11-18 doi:10.23950/1812-2892-JCMK-00759
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  • Relationship between lactate level and length of hospital stay in patients with a COPD exacerbation
    Seda Beyhan Sagmen, Tugba Naziroglu
    J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 3(57):19-23 doi:10.23950/1812-2892-JCMK-00733
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  • Assessment of oral and general health status in older adults
    Hilal Eksi Ozsoy, Sevda Atalay, Aysen Nekora Azak
    J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 3(57):24-28 doi:10.23950/1812-2892-JCMK-00758
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  • The Relationship between Kinesiophobia and Disability, Pain and Anxiety in Patients with Chronic Shoulder Pain: A Case Control Study
    Burhan Fatih Kocyigit, Ahmet Akyol
    J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 3(57):29-34 doi:10.23950/1812-2892-JCMK-00767
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  • The contribution of hematological parameters to prediction of the phase in stage 2 and stage 3 colon cancers
    Erkan Karacan, Eyüp Murat Yılmaz, Buse Yıldız, Ahmet Ender Demirkiran
    J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 3(57):35-38 doi:10.23950/1812-2892-JCMK-00771
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  • Prognostic Factors and Survival of Women with Breast Cancer Under 40 Years Old: A Single-Centre Experience
    Berrin Inanc, Ozlem Mermut
    J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 3(57):39-44 doi:10.23950/1812-2892-JCMK-00773
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  • Case Report
  • Measures for infection control in a Carbapenam-resistant Enterobacteriae carrier post open heart surgery in the cardiac intensive care unit: A case report
    Gurpreet Singh, Simon Jerome Vendargon, Syed Rasul G. Syed Hamid, Masliza Zaid
    J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 3(57):45-47 doi:10.23950/1812-2892-JCMK-00757
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  • Short Communication
  • COVID-19 in Pakistan: Current Status and Challenges
    Waleed Rana, Shamim Mukhtar, Sonia Mukhtar
    J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 3(57):48-52 doi:10.23950/1812-2892-JCMK-00766
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  • Letter to the Editor
  • Giant thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm after endovascular repair
    Calin Pop, Sabin Nemes Bota
    J Clin Med Kaz 2020; 3(57):53-54 doi:10.23950/1812-2892-JCMK-00774
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