Онлайн (Онлайн)ISSN 2313-1519
Баспалық (Печатный) ISSN 1812-2892
Тұжырымдама (Резюме) - A rare case of traumatic false thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm.
Arystan Seidalin, Adilzhan Albazarov, Rahim Tojiboyev, Timur Sarsengaliyev, Vladimir Dikolayev, Aidos Yerpashov

This message is clinical report of rare case of traumatic false aneurism of a descending thoracic aorta as a result of blunt trauma and aneurism of abdomen aorta and right iliac artery caused by injury of the right hip with formation of an arterio-venous fistula. Patient has been traumatized in a car accident. However, injury of thoracic and abdomen aorta were found much later (in 22 years) when there were symptoms of heart failure. In our clinic the patient was delivered "on a stretcher" with the expressed decompensation of heart function.

Көлем (Объем) 3, Сан (Число) 33 (2014)