Online ISSN 2313-1519
Print    ISSN 1812-2892
Abstract - An integrated clinical-laboratory and molecular-genetic approach in the diagnosis of genetic abnormalities among the population of Azerbaijan Republic
Gunay Akbarova

It is presented an overview of the results of own studies in 39 settlements of Mugan, Shirvan, Ganja and Lenkoran-Kazakh economic regions of Azerbaijan during the period since 2005 to 2013 in this article. It was diagnosed the types of congenital and hereditary abnormalities, installed options of inheritance and frequency of their distribution by means of biochemical, hematological and molecular-genetic methods. The additional analysis by Reverse Dott-Blot Hybridization StripAssay and Big DyeTM Terminator DNA methods were hold in ambiguous clinical and laboratory results. The obtained results will make the basis of nation-wide register of congenital and hereditary diseases and will help in the differential diagnosis and treatment.

Volume 3, Number 33 (2014)