Online ISSN 2313-1519
Print    ISSN 1812-2892
Abstract - Breast cancer: Modern approaches of diagnostics and treatments
Gulziya Ismailova, Bakytgul Yermekbayeva, Bakhit Zhussupova, Aliya Iskakova, Zharilkasin Esmagambetov, Galiya Shaimardanova, Raushan Kumisbekova

Breast Cancer one of the most widespread cancer form in the world, and from the scientific point of view one of the most studied cancer types. The success of breast cancer treatment depends on staging of the disease, family history, and also HER2 characteristics. The analysis of qualitative characteristics of breast cancer diagnostics, staging and treatment will allow reduce recurrence risk of breast cancer using required standard treatment.

Volume 4, Number 34 (2014)