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Abstract - Our experience of using oral mucosa in treatment of Peyronie disease
Yernur Ainayev, Yersaiyn Zhiyenbayev, Ulanbek Balpukov, Zhexembay Bakyt, Gafur Khairli

This message is clinical report of case of treatment of Peyronie disease using oral mucosa graft during the operation corporoplasty. Patient with severe dorsal deformity of a penis was operated in our clinic. During the operation, we used oral mucosa graft for closing defect of tunica albuginea. Satisfactory results were achieved in postoperative period such as reduction in the angle of curvature of the erect penis fromabout 55 to 10 degrees, maintaining morning erections, disappearance of pain during erection.

Volume 4, Number 34 (2014)