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Abstract - Development of Lyophilized Drug of Human Hepatocytes for the Liver Failure Treatment
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Bolatbek Kayupov, Samat Saparbayev, Agabek Oralbay, Zhuldizay Kassymova, Saltanat Ualiyeva, Aigerim Zhakupova, Aizhan Kazbekova

Over the past 10 years, we have accumulated substantial clinical experience demonstrating the ability of infused hepatocytes isolated from fetal liver, to take root in the host tissue to proliferate, to function and participate in the regenerative process. We planned to create a new drug from lyophilized fetal hepatocytes, the therapeutic effect of which will be directed to the treatment of patients with chronic liver disease. We have described a method for cultivating cells of fetal human hepatocytes providing enough cells in the short term, reducing the amount of ballast in cultures of hematopoietic cells and significantly increase the number of terms of the experience of hepatocytes in culture. Operating protocols for lyophylilized hepatocytes will create a number of alternative specific treatment, stimulation of regeneration and increased reserve capacity of the organism in various liver diseases. Correctly selected technological processes of production of the drug will keep the biologically substances, secreted by fetal hepatocytes, active as well as eliminate the need for special methods of storage and transfer of the drugs to patients outside the hospital. This preparation is essential for patients with degenerative diseases of the liver, which will significantly improve the quality of life.

Volume 4, Number 30 (2013)