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Abstract - Modern approaches to complex treatment of dental periimplantitis
Igor Mashchenko, Alexander Gudaryan, Sergey Shirinkin

The purpose of the study. The purpose is to study the clinical, etiologic and pathogenetic features of occurrence of dental periimplantitis and to develop on this basis the optimal treatment regimen for this disease.
Methods. Was performed clinical and laboratory tests of 61 patients with dental periimplantitis I-II severity after directed bone regeneration with local correction of immunological disorders and biocidal function of the oral mucosa.
Results. Was proposedthe new conceptual approach to the pathogenetic, therapeutic and surgical treatment of dental periimplantitis, which made it possible to increase the number of positive immediate and late results of 27.8% and 23.3%, respectively.
Conclusions. It was found that forecasting outcomes reconstructive dental treatment periimplantitis possible on the basis of changes in the content of the oral fluid sIgA levels and IL-1β. –°omplex therapy of patients with dental periimplantitis produced persistent clinical and laboratory recovery in 94 % of patients; in conventional lechenii in 71.1% of patients.

Volume 4, Number 38 (2015)