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Abstract - Indicators of nitric oxide in patients with recсurent depressive disorders
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Igor Kutko, Irina Terуshina

The aim of the study – investigation of metabolic active preparation cytoflavin influence on dynamic of nitric oxide (NO) metabolites (nitrates / nitrites) in patients with reccurent depressive disorder (RDD) in the ambulatory conditions.

Methods. For aims realisation the clinicalpathopsychologycal, immunologycal and statistical methods were used.

To implement the objectives of the study were examined two randomized groups of patients with RDD (F33.0, F33.1, F33.2) - main (98 patients) and comparison (94 patients). Patients of both groups received on-commonly accepted maintenance therapy with antidepressants and antipsychotic on an outpatient basis. In addition, patients of the main group during the treatment yielded an additional cytoflavin.

Results. Found that before treatment in patients with RDD levels of NO metabolites - nitrate / nitrite were lower than the corresponding parameters in healthy donors. Violations of nitrogen metabolism indicators were the same type for all three types of RDD gravity, but differed in quantitative traits. The use of modern metabolic active drug cytoflavin in the treatment of patients with RDD contribute to the normalization of NO metabolites - nitrates / nitrites.

Conclusion.  The use of modern metabolic active drug cytoflavin in the treatment of patients with  RDD has pathogenetic base and clinical perspective.


Volume 4, Number 30 (2013)