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Abstract - Epidermoid skin cancer a in patient with scleroderma
Mehtap Tinazli, Ufuk Gencalp, Deniz Granit, Gaukhar Bakhtıyarova, Tumay Sozen

Scleroderma (systemic sclerosis; Ssc) is a chronic, idiopathic autoimmune/inflamatory disease that is characterised with fibrosis of skin, blood vessels and visceral organs of the body, particularly gastrointestinal system, heart and kidneys. Because it is rare and clinically heterogen, the pathogenesis of the disease is still not completely clarified. Characteristics of Ssc's pathogenesis include triade of vasculopathy, immune activation and fibrosis. There is an increased risk of malignancy of internal organs and tissues which are affected from fibrosis. Patients have increased frequency of skin, lung, esophagus, breast cancer and lymphoma. Recent studies that particularly focus on vascular pathology and lung involvement provided benefits on morbidity and mortality and increased interest to the disease. The aim of this case report is to point at the vital consequences of scleroderma coexisting with malignity.

Volume 2, Number 36 (2015)