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Abstract - Skin morpholog—É of patients with systemic scleroderma after autologous bone marrow stem cells transplantation
Galina Fedotovskikh, Galiya Shaimardanova, Manarbek Askarov, Aigerim Smagulova

The Aim: To evaluate a morphological pictures of patients skin with systemic scleroderma (SSc) before and after of autologous hematopoietic fraction of bone marrow cells (SCs) transplantation.

Methods: The skin biopsy from 15 patients were studied before and in 3 months after SCs transplantation. The samples were stained with hematoxiylin and eosin and Masson-trihrom. Immunochemical study was performed using the CD 31, 3, 19 markers. The electron microscopy ( EM) has been done by conventional method and embedded in Epon. The semithin section were stained with methylene blue, azure- 2 and basic fuchsin. Ultrathin section treated by uranylacetate and leadcitrate in accordance with Reynolds and examined with an EM Libra 120 (Carl Zeiss).

Results: There were an epidermis atrophy, fibrosis of the connective tissue of derma and microvascular pathology in the skin samples before treatment. Nondifferentiated cells,active  fibroblast and miofibroblast are presented there. In three  month after treatment there were  observed significant changes, namely: decreasing of skin  density from 12,9 to 8,7, decreasing  of the collagen deposit, neovascularisation, telocytes migration, activating  of macrophages and fibroclasts which take part in remodeling of fibrous tissues. Restoration of epidermis, hair follicles and sweat glands.

Conclussion: Transplantation of SCs cells make a contributions of fibrose reduction, angiogenesis and skin epithelium remodeling.

Volume 3, Number 37 (2015)