Online ISSN 2313-1519
Print    ISSN 1812-2892
Abstract - A case report of successful surgical treatment of type I aortic dissection by DeBakey.
Arystan Seidalin, Marat Aripov, Adilzhan Albazarov, Alexey Smolenskiy, Vladimir Dikolayev, Timur Sarsengaliyev, Saule Nurakaeva, Sabitkhan Pernekhanov

Surgical treatment of patients with aortic aneurism  dissection  type I according to DeBakey classification still remains a challenge for surgeons and represents still unresolved problem in respect of a choice of ideal strategy. The best results in treatment of this pathology are reached by multidisciplinary approach with use of a hybrid method. This message shows successful application of a hybrid method in treatment of the aortic aneurism dissection type I according to DeBakey classification.

Volume 3, Number 37 (2015)