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Abstract - Clinical manifestation of viral hepatitis A in adults depending on epidemics intensity
Ainura Dzhangaziyeva

The Aim: To determine the clinical manifestations of hepatitis A in hospitalized patients over 15 years of Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital of Bishkek city in different of the epidemics intensity periods.

Methods: A retrospective analysis of case histories of patients over 15 years old hospitalized in 2002-03 and 2012-13 with confirmed hepatitis A by serology (ELISA, detection of a-HAV-IgM) is worked out. For the statistical analysis of the obtained results the EPI INFO 3.8.1. program and the «STATISTICA» application program package are used.

Results: In epidemics the group of 15-20 years old patients of (62.6%) dominates and  in «interepidemics» 31-40 years old patients (28.1%) prevail. Clinical features in adult patients during both periods generally have a typical icteric-cytolytic form (72% in 2002-03, 82.3% in 2012-13). The preicteric period does not have classic symptoms, but in «interepidemics» it has a tendency to prolongation. In the icteric period there is no positive dynamics, and in the epidemics the intoxication and hemorrhagic syndrome (18.4%)  become more intensive.

Conclusions: The Kyrgyz Republic is a high endemic country of hepatitis A with the disease incidence up to 560,20/0000. In different epidemics intensity the clinical and epidemiological aspects of HAV in adults varies.

Volume 3, Number 37 (2015)