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Abstract - About emergency medical assistance system during road traffic accidents in regions of Kazakhstan
Yernar Tursynbet, Mazhit Shaidarov, Andrey Dubitskiy

Aim: Evaluation of the efficacy of the emergency medical care response system is necessary to make management decisions on how to improve the timely provision of medical assistance to the victims in road accidents. To evaluate the effectiveness of the current system of organization for prehospital emergency medical assistance to the victims of  road accidents in regions of Kazakhstan.

Methods: Cases of emergency medical care that occurred during 2012-2013 year were selected. Cases included road accidents that resulted in traumatic injuries of varying degrees of severity in three regions of Kazakhstan. The volume and type of medical diagnostic and transport activities were recorded.

Results: In 27.3% of studied regions, the extension of service area that provided access to the offices of emergency medical care exceeded 75 km. Six of the 11 districts had less than 80% of the staff dedicated to the ambulance service. In 49.2% of cases the reports about road accident came to the dispatcher service of ambulance were delayed by as much as 10 minutes after the accident.

Conclusion: The research findings show the necessity to make management decisions to improve emergency ambulatory medical care to victims of road accidents.

Volume 3, Number 37 (2015)