Online ISSN 2313-1519
Print    ISSN 1812-2892
Abstract - Black hairy tongue in a patient with chronic alcoholism (lingua villosa nigra)
Gaukhar Bakhtiyarova, Mehtap Tınazlı, Deniz Granit, Sabiha Gökçen Asvaroğlu

Black Hairy Tongue (BHT) is a hereditary benign condition which is characterized by the appaerance of abnormally hypertrophied and elongated pilliform papilla on dorsal surface of tongue. Its exact pathogenesis is unknown; however, there is significant involvement of secondary papillary cells producing hairy-type keratin. Known predisposing factors include smoking, consumption of excessive coffee / black tea, bad oral hygiene, trigeminal neuralgia, poverty, xesrostomia, drugs and alcohol. Hairy tongue is especially
seen in those who smoke intensively in high prevalance; however our case is associated with excessive alcohol consumption. As means of treatment, we made suggestions such as alcohol abstinence, mouthwash with antiseptic solution, frequent hygienic care, tooth brushing as his treatment.

Volume 4, Number 38 (2015)