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Abstract - Early lung cancer: implementation of I-ELCAP diagnostics protocol in Kazakhstan
Gulziya Ismailova, Tairkhan Dautov, Mukhtar Tuleutayev, Sergey Ushakov, Yerbol Zhapparov, Ainagul Zharipova, Bakhyt Duysenbayeva, Bakhytzhan Bimbetov, Sholpan Myrzakhmetova

Objective: To assess the possibility of low-dose computer tomography (LD-CT) in diagnosis of an early lung cancer in patients of risk group.
Methods: Patients concerning existence of risk factors were selected: age from 50 to 75 years, smoking anamnesis more than 35 packs/years and real smokers or patients with smoking cessation less than 15 years. Basic screening to 36 patients, aged from 57 till 71 year was done, average age was 63 years. The number of male was 32 (88,9%) that prevailed over number of female 4 (11,1%). Researches were conducted on the computer Somatom Definition AS tomography, 64 cuts, and high resolution with a reformatting step 1,0 mm. A number of patients with smoking experience more than 15 years had a proportion of 57,4%, average quantity of smoked packs is 23,26±3,9 per year. A percentage of people who gave up smoking was 26,1% and of current smokers was 63,1%.
Results: Symptoms of chronic bronchitis are revealed at all 29 patients, in 16 cases emphysema of lungs (55%) is diagnosed, bullous changes were revealed at 5 patients (17,2%), bronchiectasis are registered at 2 patients (6,9%), pneumofibrosis – at 9 patients (31%), at 2 patients the expressed residual fibrous and focal changes in lungs (6,9%) were revealed. Infiltrative tuberculosis of lungs is registered at 1 patient (3,5%). For 1 patient it was diagnosed idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (3,5%). With suspicion on a lung cyst 1 patient (3,5%), the accompanying mediastinal lymphadenopathy at 4 patients (14%), atherosclerosis of coronary arteries at 10 patients (35%).
Conclusions: By results of basic screening to 8 patients with symptoms of emphysema, pneumofibrosis and focal fibrous changes are made half- positive diagnosis and the repeated computer tomography in 3 months is recommended. One patient is sent to a TB dispensary for 3-fold bacterial crops on Koch’s bacillus. Repeated LD-CT screening is recommended of 21 patients after 12 months.

Volume 4, Number 38 (2015)