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Abstract - Modern view on fallopian tubes anatomy and function
Assem Aketayeva

The problem of female infertility is still the topical issue of modern problems of gynecology. The main reason for female infertility is tubo-peritoneal factor the frequency of which does not tend to decrease. This mainly related to the increased inflammatory disease of uterine annexes. However, due to the reproductive body disease, fallopian tubes affect cannot be excluded. From this point of view, the nature of fallopian tubes affect in case of the reproductive body disease and reproductive impairments arouses scientific and practical interest. That is why there are not many works in modern literature that develop the problem of correlation changes of fallopian tubes in case of pathological changes in genital tract, particularly, in case of chronic salpingitis, endometriosis and uterine fibroid that definitely result in changes of functions of fallopian tubes as a reproductive body. In the whole, the analysis of data of medical literature related to modern state of fallopian tubes let us detect the importance of further comprehensive study of fallopian tubes condition in normal case and pathology.

Volume 2, Number 40 (2016)