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Abstract - Post-liver transplantation immonusuppression: main principles and modern implementation
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Kakharman Yesmembetov, Kulpash Kaliaskarova, Zhanat Spatayev

Liver transplantation is the only radical treatment option for the patients with end-stage liver disease. Immunosuppressive therapy is essential for survival of the liver graft and the recipient. There are several tactics of immunosuppression, majority of them utilising tacrolimus as the mainstay. Prolonged use of immunosuppressive drugs is associated with serious adverse effects. Thus, majority of the transplant-centers use combination of several immunosuppressive agents in order to minimise risk and effects of adverse events.
Key words: liver transplantation, immunosuppression, liver cirrhosis, tacrolimus, mycophenolic acid

Volume 3, Number 49 (2018)