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Abstract - Is having O blood type a risk factor for Fibromyalgia syndrome? The importance of nutrition in Fibromyalgia syndrome
Tuba Tülay Koca, Filiz Özdemir, Rabia Baykara

Aim: Fibromyalgia syndrome (FS) is characterized with diffuse pain and sensitivity at specifc anatomical points and occurs together with mood, sleep and cognitive disorders. Life quality of the patients was destroyed and this situation creates an important economical issue in the medical care system. According to different antigens placed on the surface of red blood cells, there are four different blood type groups such as A, B, O and AB. To give nutritional recommendations for different blood types became one of the most popular topics in last decades. In this study, we investigated the link between FS and ABO blood types.
Methods: In this study, we included 200 female patients with FS diagnosis (according to American College of Rheumatology, 2010 criteria) who visited our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic between July 2015 and December 2015. The patients’ age, blood group, Rh antigen system were saved. Control group was also formed from 185 volunteer healthy female patients. P<0.05 was evaluated as statistically signifcant.
Results: In our study, age distribution of FS group (N=200) was 40.6±10.8 and for control group (N=185), it was 43.0±14.8. In the control group, 58 people was A type (%31,4), 29 people was B type (%15.7), 23 people was AB type (%12.4) and 75 people (40.5%) was O type blood group according to ABO classifcation system. In the FS group, 60 people was A type (%30), 21 people
was B type (%10.5), 10 people was AB type (%5) and 109 people (54.5%) was O type blood group according to ABO classifcation system. In both groups, a statistically signifcant difference was observed (p=0.03). There were more O type blood group carrying patients were detected in FS group.

Conclusion: Most of the treatments used for FS are not effective. In order to decrease oxidative stress, weight management, nutritional condition, diet and nutrition supplement are important in these patients. To see more O type carrying people in FS group will guide us for etiopathogenesis, monitoring, clinical follow and treatment.
Keywords: fbromyalgia - ABO blood type –nutrition

Volume 1, Number 43 (2017)