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Abstract - Influence of resveratrol on the structural and functional state of the thyroid gland in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis combined with stable ischemic heart disease
Natalya Chekalina

Objective: to study the influence of resveratrol on the structural and functional state of the thyroid gland by levels of thyroid hormones, antibodies and ultrasound data of the thyroid gland in patients with stable coronary heart disease (IHD) in combination with autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT).
Methods: 110 patients took part in the study: 60 patients with IHD: stable angina pectoris, FCII, 30 of whom had concomitant AIT, euthyroid, 20 patients with AIT and 30 healthy volunteers. On the background of standard therapy (β-blockers, statins, aspirin), patients with IHD and IHD in combination with AIT were assigned resveratrol at a dose of 100 mg per day for 2 months. Before and after the course of therapy, patients were diagnosed with free thyroxine (T4 free), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and antibodies to thyroperoxidase (AT-TPO). To all participants were made ultrasound of the thyroid gland with pulse-wave dopplerography.
Results: In patients with IHD and AIT under the influence of resveratrol, the level in the blood of TSH decreased, T4 free increased, AT-TPO did not change signifcantly. The same dynamics of the studied indicators was found in patients with IHD. All patients with AIT had an increase in the values of the arterial thyroid blood flow. The use of resveratrol contributed to a decrease the velocity and index of blood flow resistance in the thyroid arteries, which may be associated with its anti-inflammatory, endothelioprotective, thyroprotective effects. There was no evidence of the effect of resveratrol on normal thyroid blood flow in patients with IHD.
Conclusion: In patients with IHD in combination with AIT, the use of resveratrol improves thyroid functional status and thyroid blood flow parameters, which makes the relevance to use of resveratrol in treatment of AIT and IHD in combination with AIT.
Keywords: resveratrol - autoimmune thyroiditis - ischemic heart disease -thyroid function - blood flow thyroid parameters.

Volume 1, Number 43 (2017)