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Abstract - Analysis of cases of the national maternity and childhood national center within the framework of guaranteed volume of free medical care
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Nurzhamal Ahmadyar

Objective:analysis of the work of the new Department of health care expertise (DHCE) of the Corporate Fund «University Medical Center» in the context of confrmed defects by codes for 2015 and 1 quarter of 2016 of the treated cases of NNCMD.
Methods.Preexisting analyze of the stored nuclei in NNCMS in the single system of stationary electron registrations.
Results. DHCE in a short time managed to change the structure of defects and conduct individual work with each doctor to work with the electronic register of inpatients, improve the quality of services provided, compliance with national protocols.
Conclusion:The research will allow you to create a rationalization of the DEMP, which will shorten the structural defects and carry out individual work with each other on the EHRA work, the implementation of which will be the work of the national protocols.

Volume 3, Number 45 (special issue) (2017)