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Abstract - 24-Hour Blood Pressure Profile and Heart Rate Variability on the Background of "Dry" Carbon Dioxide Baths Courses and General Low-Frequency Magnetotherapy in Elderly Patients with Isolated Systolic Hypertension
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Elena Alypova, Ivan Mironenko, Samal Sarsenova, Irina Yemchenko

       The aim. Research purpose is a comparative estimation of “dry” carbonic baths (DCB) and general low-frequency magnetotherapy (GLMT) influence on heart rate variability (HRV) and 24-hour blood pressure (BP) profile measures in elderly patients with isolated systolic arterial hypertension (ISAH).

        Methods. Analysis of HRV measures has been carried in comparison with 24-hour BP monitoring parameters in 180 patients (middle age 65,8±6,2 years) with ISAH, Grade 1 and 2 in groups: A is control (n=30) drug therapy; B (n=50) is DCB; C (n=50)  is GLMT; D (n=50) is a combination of DCB and GLMT.

         Results. DCB and GLMT monovariant administration gives vegetative correction with the accurate (p<0,05) decrease of LF/HF index and parallel improvement of 24-hour parameters systolic, pulse BP, BP variability, giving way in antihypertensive efficiency to combination of DCB and GLMT which is marked accurate HRV and BP circadian rhythm parameters unidirectional remodelling with advances in 2/3 patients of a target BP level.

         Conclusion. DCB and GLMT combination gives more expressed corrective synergistic effect on the vegetative system regulation and 24-hour BP profile against monovariant use.

Volume 1, Number 31 (2014)