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Abstract - Ultrastructure of bone marrow cells in patients with autoimmune pathologies
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Galina Fedotovskikh, Galiya Shaimardanova, Manarbek Askarov, Sapargul Marat, Tatyana Yezhelenko


Objective: To determine the morpho-functional state of bone marrow autologous cells at the ultrastructural level.

Material and Methods: For the electron microscopic examination, bone marrow cells taken from patients with autoimmune diseases were fixed in a 2.5% solution of glutaraldehyde with post fixation in a 1% solution of osmium tetroxide, was performed according to the conventional method and enclosed in epon. Ultrathin sections were prepared on a Leica ultramicrotome, contrasted with lead citrate by Reynolds, and examined in an electron microscope called Libra 120 (C. Zeiss).

Results: Morpho-functional state of autologous bone marrow cells in severe chronic pathology was characterized by mitochondrial dysfunction and signs of insufficiency of microvesicular secretory function.

Conclusion: Precultivation of bone marrow cells of patients with severe autoimmune diseases restored the energetic function of mitochondria, increased the secretory activity of endosomes.

Keywords: bone marrow cells, transplantation, morphology

Volume 1, Number 47 (2018)