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Abstract - Clinico-morphological characteristics of patients with systemic scleroderma before and after autologous bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells transplantation
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Natalya Krivoruchko, Aigerim Imanberdiyeva, Manarbek Askarov, Galina Fedotovskikh, Galiya Shaimardanova, Saltanat TuganbekovŠ°

The article describes the clinical and morphological dynamics of systemic scleroderma diffuse form on the background of autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells transplantation. The basis for the mesenchymal stem cells transplantation was the presence of a high activity index of the autoimmune process (EScSG), expressed diffuse skin changes (dense edema, induration) and resistance to immunosuppressive therapy. Transplantation of autologous bone marrow cells at systemic scleroderma contributes clinically to a significant reduction or cupping of skin induration, Raynaud’s syndrome, improvement of patient’s quality of life; morphological decrease of excessive fibrous tissue,
stimulation of angiogenesis, and restoration of skin epithelium.
Keywords: systemic scleroderma, fibrosis, skin flap, mesenchymal stem cells, bone marrow transplantation

Volume 3, Number 49 (2018)