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Abstract - Laparoscopic pyelolithotomy in the pelvic - dystopic kidney
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Nariman Zhambayev, Ulanbek Zhanbyrbekuly, Yernur Ainayev, Gafur Khairli, Ravil Sherkhanov, Ulan Zhaparov, Aleksey Sushchenko

Aim: Describe a clinical case and compare the difference in treatment methods at pelvic-dystopic kidney. The article describes the clinical case of urolithiasis, in the pelvic - dystopic kidney. The stages of diagnosis and treatment reflected in the article testify to the present possibilities of modern medicine. Recovering the patient is the result of timely, skillfully chosen conservative and operational techniques.
Key words: laparoscopy, pyelolithotomy, pelvic kidney

Volume 3, Number 49 (2018)