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Abstract - Approach to urological complications early post renal transplant
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Akbar Mahmood

Kidney transplant has been proven treatment of choice for end stage renal disease population due to its benefit of being cost effective and conferring a natural way of way of life despite that fact, that transplantation journey is not devoid of some risks both surgical and medical. Amongst the surgical issues urological problems needs special attention, close surveillance for timely detection and intervention in order to safe guard renal allograft. These complications include lymphocele, seroma, ureteric obstruction and urinary leak. A very simple approach has been suggested to adopt which include concentrating on symptoms and signs, utilizing conventional diagnostic tools followed by appropriate intervention which include not only surgical but medical to curtail infection, adjusting immunosuppression, improving nutrition and mental and physical rehabilitation. This should be kept in mind that time is key to salvage the renal allograft by preserving nephrons. Time means nephrons and large number of nephron mass which has long term morbidity and mortality benefit. Multidisciplinary team based care strategy is mandatory to achieve success.
Key words: lymphocele, seroma, ureteric obstruction and urinary leak

Volume 3, Number 49 (2018)