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Abstract - Ultrasonic diagnosis of right ventricle hydatid cysts: report of a rare case
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Aziz Ibragimov, Zubayda Matkasimova, Jeniskul Raeva, Barna Parmankulova

Hydatid disease of the heart is a complex disease that has no specific clinical characteristics and symptoms. It can be recognized too late and can also lead to life-threatening complications (embolism great vessels, cardiac hydatid cyst rupture in the pericardial cavity causes the development of hydatid pericarditis with cardiac tamponade). In this article we describe a rare case of echinococcosis of the heart in a child 13 years old, first identified by echocardiography. Particular attention is paid to the improvement and timely diagnosis of echinococcosis of the heart.

The most common complaints of patients may be chest pain, fever, palpitations, shortness of breath, ischemic ECG changes, which are not associated with age of patients. In all cases of liver and lungs echinococcos, and especially when multiple and combined organ dissemittions need focused cardiac echography in order to eliminate parasitic heart disease.

Volume 1, Number 31 (2014)