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Abstract - Non-invasive ventilation after thoracic surgery
Mukhit Dossov, Murat Smailov, Anatoliy Kolos, Rahim Tojiboyev

Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of the non-invasive ventilation (NIV) after thoracic surgery.

Methods: We have studied 2 groups of patients: the first group included 32 patients, who in the early postoperative period were performed NIV and a second group with 30 patients who received standard therapy. The physical parameters, blood gas levels, the length of stay in the intensive care department and patient satisfaction on a visual analog scale were evaluated. NIV sessions conducted up to 3 hours immediately after extubation in CPAP mode with the following parameters: starting from PEEP 4mbar and increasing every 10 minutes for 2 mbar until 10 mbar.

Results: During NIV systolic blood pressure in the first group was lower than in the second group (p <0,05). Blood gas levels (PaO 2) and respiratory index (PaO2/FiO2) was significantly higher in the first group. NIV with PEEP to 6mbar was rated "satisfactory"  by 37.5% of patients and was rated as "good"  by 65.6% of patients. More than 90% of patients rated "excellent" NIV with PEEP 4 mbar and 6mbar. Patients of the first group was transferred from ICU to clinical ward for one hour earlier (p <0.05) than those of the second group.

Conclusions: NIV was effectively with 6mbar of PEEP in patients after thoracic surgery and improved hemodynamic and blood gas parameters.

Volume 2, Number 32 (2014)