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Abstract - Antimitochindrial and antinuclear antibodies in primary biliary cholangitis
Dana Saipiyeva, Manarbek Askarov, Turlybek Tuganbekov, Kulsara Rustemova, Vladimir Grigorevsky, Gulmira Dossatayeva, Nina Tostanovskaya


In this work we reviewed the key antimitochondrial and antinuclear antibodies in primary biliary cholangitis – an autoimmune cholestatic disorder with destruction of intralobular biliary ductules. Since the discovery of antibodies to PDC-E2 component of cholangiocyte mitochondrial membrane, more than 60 antimitochindrial and antinuclear antibodies against various cellular components of cholangiocytes have been described to date, which have primary diagnostic and clinical value in identifying the disease progression and prognosis.

Keywords: cholestasis, PDC-E2, antinuclear antibodies, cholangiocytes, autoimmune hepatic disorder

Corresponding Author: Dana Saipiyeva, PhD student, No2 Department of Surgical Diseases, Astana Medical University, Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 707 031 18 34. E-mail:



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