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Abstract - Vaccination status (PCV13) of children with pneumococcal meningitis
Aliya Seidullayeva, Dinagul Bayesheva, Bayan Turdalina, Alyona Altynbekova, Aliya Omarova, Meruert Khamitova, Sabit Tashenov, Aislu Otarbayeva, Samat Kozhakhmetov


Pneumococcal meningitis in children is one of the reasons for the development of serious neurological complications. According to various authors, in developed countries, the incidence rate ranges from 8 to 34 cases per 100,000 population, in Kazakhstan there is no etiological interpretation of bacterial meningitis, and therefore there are no official statistics on the incidence. To date, in more than 120 countries, the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine has been added to the vaccination calendar, which is the most effective method for reducing the incidence of bacterial meningitis pneumococcal etiology. This article reflects the effectiveness of vaccination and the risk of bacterial meningitis in children with pneumococcal meningitis in terms of using the PCV13 vaccine.

Keywords: pneumococcal meningitis, vaccination, PVC13, children

Corresponding Author: Aliya Seidullayeva, PhD, teaching assistant, Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Astana Medical University. Address: 51a, Beibitshilik Street, Nur-Sultan city, Republic of Kazakhstan. Tel.: 8 701 186 0303. E-mail:   




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Volume 2, Number 56 (2020)